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Online, on Mobile Apps, and/or on self-updating Smart CDs & USBs, our Print-On-Demand turnkey solution helps Chambers of Commerce, Membership Organizations, Hospitals, Tourism Bureaus & Business Publications:



Maximize Your Organization's Outreach & Efficiency


   Enhance communications & messaging to audiences


   Improve membership recruitment & retention, while increasing member-to-member business flow


   Maximize your exposure, reach and retention - increase response rates up to 600%


   Update your publications easily, anytime, without having to re-print or re-send anything ever again


   Remove all inherent print limitations - deadlines, permanent print errors, out-of-date inventory




Modernize Your Publications with a Fast, Easy & Reliable Solution


   Receive a working live, customized, complimentary prototype publication, within 2 weeks!


   Enjoy simple, fast, easy integration, compatible with virtually all systems and databases


   Provide your audience interactive, print-on-demand, web-enhanced information


   Install your self-updating publication as a stand-alone application on PCs and Macs


   Track insightful usage metrics for your social media-enabled and searchable content




Generate Cost Savings & Revenues


   Outsource the costly hassle of maintaining publications across multiple mediums, reduce overhead


   Eliminate your printing/re-printing costs up to 100% and mailing costs up to 80% - ie, eliminate the

      obligatory reliance and cost of print, while allowing stakeholders the ability to print any/all sections


   Combine several publications side-by-side to achieve additional savings of 50%, 67%, 75% and more


   Generate record non-due revenues through our elective Advertising Partnership Program


   Go green by reducing your organization’s carbon footprint while delivering a net upside in terms of speed,

      accuracy and user-friendliness




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